Analytical Techniques in Metabolomics

The recent analytical platforms based on mass spectrometry and nuclear magnetic resonance has enabled separation, characterization, detection, and quantification of such chemically diverse structures. This continued development of these analytical platforms will accelerate extensive use and combination of metabolomics into systems biology

  • Metabolic Profiling: Metabolic profiling is defined as the identification and quantification of a selected number of pre-defined metabolites which are related to a specific metabolic pathway.
  • Metabolic Fingerprinting: Analysis of unbiased, rapid, global analysis of samples to provide sample classification is oriented towards defining clinically relevant differences rather than identifying all the molecules present in a sample. These metabolic fingerprints can be used to distinguish between different disease phenotypes and to predict a drug's effectiveness and toxicity.
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: NMR-based metabonomics provides a means to categorize organ-specific toxicity, monitor the onset of action and progression of toxicological effects, and identify biomarkers of toxicity. It is used to describe the cellular metabolome for purposes of understanding cellular functions.
  • Mass Spectrometry: The application of mass spectrometry in metabolomics has increased exponentially since the discovery and development of electrospray ionization and matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization techniques.
  • Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
  • Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
  • Capillary Electrophoresis-Mass Spectrometry
  • Fourier-Transform Mass Spectrometry: Among all the analytical platforms, which requires complementary analytical platforms for extensive coverage, atmospheric pressure ionization Fourier transform mass spectrometry (FT/MS) instruments are popular because they provide accurate mass measurements of ppm along with sub-ppm errors. It also high and ultra-high resolving power.

  • Metabolic profiling
  • Metabolic Fingerprinting
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
  • Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS)
  • Liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LC–MS)
  • Capillary Electrophoresis – Mass Spectrometry
  • Fourier-Transform Mass Spectrometry

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